Circumcision = Unecessary

Circumcision = Unecessary
July 1, 2014 Alex

I’ve been doing an experiment. And it’s working.


  • Evolution has done a pretty good job thus far, don’t you think?!
  • There are approximately 20,000 nerve endings in the foreskin alone, protecting 100,000’s of nerves below
  • A dry, unsheathed knob suffers from Keratinization, a hardening of the skin
  • Wet skin makes for a more sensitive and sensual experience of sex
  • Sex is important, from an evolutionary standpoint
  • This is a surgical procedure, not a ritual, right of passage or “treatment”
  • I don’t blame my parents
  • Doctors need more holistic education


  • Loss of feeling and sensitivity equates to a loss of connection with yourself and partner(s)
  • Pleasure is healing and allows the parasympathetic system to relax and repair, therefore restricting pleasure is unHEALthy
  • Experiencing pleasure is a universal right
  • Not an easily reversible surgery
  • It is not the choice of the human being changed, therefore an abuse of human rights

The bullshit

  • The religious context of cleanliness is long gone, we have daily showers now… evolve already!
  • It’s better looking… yeah, I quite like the look of mine, but that is partly cultural norming and media brainwashing… cut or not, your dicks’ no Monet or Renoir.
  • That this is a “normal” procedure… it is not. It is part of our bodies that is surgical removed without choice
  • That we’ll forget the pain, we’re too young to remember. Take a look, it scars the skin and this informs brain pathways… you don’t forget it, you just don’t remember it.

The origins

  • Egyptians
  • Jewish Tradition
  • Dr Kelloggs brought it into American culture (he also tried to make Female Circumcision popular… )
  • Plenty more info to follow… but enough WHYS… and onto the HOWS.

The solutions

  • STOP doing it to others, NO HARMING other men
  • RESTORE it, basically stretch it back over many months (9-16) and make fresh new skin in the process
  • SOFTEN it, get it wet and resensitise it by protecting and moisturising the head
  • PROTECT it, cover the head to prevent further hardening of the tissue

And this is where I will get detailed about my experiment.



IF I maintain a clean, moisture rich environment for my glans over a 2 week period
THEN I will soften the skin and regain an amount of sensitivity, enough to feel the difference. I can then protect this skin.



  • Mix up a batch of moisturiser or buy commercially available
  • Organic ingredients, as in it needs to be good enough to eat!
  • Coconut butter (organic, cold pressed) is a good place to start but possibly too liquid
  • A thick lotion of Vitamin E, Magnesium, Cocao butter, Shea Nut, Jojoba, Rose Hip is what I used


  • Generally moisturise the head
  • Using a good quality condom (like Zero or Skyn, as others will decay)
  • Place a good teaspoon of lotion in the tip of the condom
  • Slip on condom
  • Wear during the day, adjust as necessary
  • Throw away at night (warning, you can try at night but cut the tension out to prevent strangulation!)
  • Observe changes and protect from rubbing or harsh scratching


  • After 2 weeks, I had a visibly softer glans
  • In jeans, walking around without underpants, it would feel irritable and itchy on the glans (not like it did before)
  • Sensitivity increased when touched
  • Slightly difficult to maintain position of condom during the day, especially toilet trips
  • Coconut liquid was probably to “wet” and cause skin to get too soft, lotion was better
  • No harm caused, lots to gain!

UPDATE – 2 Weeks

2 weeks of softening is working, well.

This arrived, to cover up during the day without moisturiser.

And after a short trial it is a great addition with good ease of use and feeling.

Report back soon.


Certainly works. Wearing daily.

Sensitivity has increased DRAMATICALLY. Highly recommend.


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