I currently live by these:

  • OPEN into everything – EVERYTHING.

  • Life is a habit – Do the same thing every morning, experiment and build upon that…

  • Your mind is in your body – If you need an answer, dance, then get still, listen and the answer will arrive.

  • Everything is a MIRROR – You, your partner… a tree. Nature that you perceive, is a mirror for you.

  • Healthily helping others is the only thing to do with your life. But it MUST start with you.

  • What you resist, persists – This one is a bugger, because it is true.

  • How you do anything, is how you do everything – Try that next time you’re shopping at the supermarket.

  • It’s all a STORY – we’ve learnt and picked up a lot of patterns, but they are just that and can be released.

  • From your greatest pain, comes your greatest gifts. Give the world what you want most.


The rest I periodically call upon when my subconscious remembers them:

  • Death is to be made a friend, an experience of death can show you what is truly important (hypothesis)
  • Say thank you to everything, even criticism
  • Every so often I remember we are standing on a planet moving rapidly through the universe and just let go
  • “Worrying is like praying for something you don’t want” – no idea who said it, but sure does make sense
  • You either live in a world of fear and lack OR love and gratitude
  • Your focus is your reality (or will soon become it)
  • You learn more by doing and failing, than thinking and never making mistakes



Other major areas of thoughts are below:

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