Meditation Coaching

Pause. Place your left hand on your heart. Let go, listen & feel.


hand on heartThe greatest meditation,
is the one you are doing now.

Quality over quantity.

After completing years of daily meditation, experienced silent meditation retreats and studied under master teachers…

I am offering to coach men, helping them to implement a
daily meditation ritual into their lives.

I am not a meditation teacher … yet. But I do have deep experience in teaching (Diploma of Education) and am passionate about creating space for this life changing practice in your life.

Following my process, I assure you that you’ll experience the benefits of meditation AND successfully create a daily ritual that fits with your lifestyle and values.


  • Emotional Intelligence – experience less reactivity, anger, sadness and anxiety
  • Focus – increase your focus and creativity, improve your ability to remove obstacles and distractions
  • Flow – more easily enter states of flow where you are able to enjoy and process the tasks at hand with effectiveness and creativity
  • Feel – be able to connect more with your body, feel pleasure and heal yourself
  • Compassion – be more calm, more compassionate and more joyful
  • Intuition – be more perceptive and know what to do in any situation based on the wisdom of your BALANCED body and mind

Coaching Steps

The main aspects to creating a morning practice are Space, Posture and Method. 

Over a number of sessions we discuss and implement the following:

  1. Intention & Motivations
  2. Timing & Forming Good Habits
  3. Making Space
  4. Your Seat & Posture
  5. Personalised Methods & Techniques
  6. Design a Ritual
  7. 10 Day Trial
  8. Review & Refinement

We then explore various other elements including:

  1. Exploring objects & tools
  2. Taking meditation “off the mat” & into the world
  3. Practicing “secondary awareness”
  4. Exploring embodied practices to prepare the Body & Mind
  5. Art, technology and customising your practice


  • Face to Face meeting in your home
  • Space Creation
  • Morning Ritual Design
  • Seat / Stool & Posture Setup
  • Technique Discussion and Setup
  • Two Reviews via Skype Session

Email to inquire and arrange a proposal for your particular needs.

Why meditation?

Being calm and aware of the present moment allows you to make the right decisions. Utilising body based intuition you can meditate and move from a place of awareness.




Headspace – PAID
Easily the most well designed app on the market. First 10 day has 10 minute meditations for free, then a whole years worth of different, daily meditations delivered in style for which you pay around $150/yr. Great topics such as Creativity, Relationships and Health. It covers a range of meditation styles in a non secular fashion, however mainly focusses on visualisation, breath watching and body awareness related to the creators healthy and deep Buddhist lineage. 

YogaGlo – PAID
David Harshada teaches meditation on Yogaglo, a paid online yoga instruction service. David is a no bullshit man delivering easy to access teachings for all people, with a focus on men’s work and spirituality.

Google Search Inside Yourself

1 Giant Mind – FREE
This free app that offers simple instructions created to teach you how to meditate in the Vedic (Mantra) style. With a variable timer, video tutorials, and a troubleshooting resource, the three-level program is designed to cover all the basics in a few short sessions.


The Mindfulness App
Considered one of the most popular meditation apps out there, this app is suitable for everyone.

Smiling Mind
A modern meditation tool specifically designed for young people, Smiling Mind offers free mindfulness-based meditations that are geared towards specific age groups, starting from the age of seven right through to young adults.

Buddhify helps you relax and meditate even while you go about your daily business, whether you are traveling to work or exercising at the gym.

The easy-to-follow program comes complete with 7 guided meditation sessions from 2 to 30 minutes.

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